Stelle Go-Go

Stelle Go-Go Wireless Speaker

Your portable, water resistant, adventure-ready, wireless speaker


What is it?

The Go-Go is a super durable and extremely portable bluetooth speaker designed to fit with your outdoor lifestyle.


Go-Go on a bike



How does it work?

Simple! Connect with any bluetooth device such as a phone, tablet or iPod and start streaming music instantly.  Best of all, it is water resistant meaning it is safe to use on those days when you get caught in the rain. 


go-go speaker bluetooth



How loud does it go?

The better question is how loud do you want it to go??  The Go-Go was tested by our team of designers and every single one voted it as one of the loudest and best quality speakers that they tested in that size category.  That is why we decided to carry it  :)


Go-Go speaker is loud


How long does the battery last?

Long enough for a game of golf!! In our tests we found the battery lasted consistently between 10 - 12 hours.  But of course that all depends how loud you play your music. 


Go-Go speaker on a golf cartgo-go audio on a golf cart


How do I attach it to stuff?

Super simple!  The Go-Go comes with a strap that allows you to attach the speaker to handle bars, bag straps, steering wheels, strollers, basically anything you can think of!


go-go on a stroller

What else can i use it for?

The Go-Go literally will go anywhere!  Take it to the beach, to work, on a bike ride, on a stroller, or just hang it off your backpack for a day snowboarding.  This is the last adventure speaker you will ever need.


Go-Go audio on the beach


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