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Sophistication and sound converge for this truly amazing line of over ear headphones. The Molami Pleat are designed with fashion at the forefront, and sound at the epicentre. Experience the truly unique vibe that comes with owning a pair of Molami headphones.



There are two ways to wear Pleat. When in use, Pleat is worn like a traditional over-ear headphone. The speakers on each side of Pleat can be adjusted up or down depending on where your ears are located. When using Pleat, the microphone should be located at your left side.

After your listening experience is complete, use the on-neck rotation feature to rotate the speakers down so that they lay flat against your collarbone—allowing you to wear Pleat as a collar.



This product is made of soft napa leather. Before you start cleaning the surface of your leather item, do a spot test on a less visible area. If you do not notice any color distortion after a few minutes, proceed with the rest of the item. When cleaning your leather never use strong detergents. Always choose a product that helps preserve the leather’s natural lubricating oils. Most leather cleaning products sold in department and shoe stores are safe. Condition leather parts a few times during the fall and winter months as the oils in leather conditioners lubricate the leather to keep it supple.


All Molami headphones feature a microphone and remote allowing you to pick up calls and communicate while listening to your music. To use the remote simply “click” once to pause and play music and receive and end calls, twice to forward your music and three times to go back. The microphone and remote are compatible with most mobile phones featuring a 3.5mm plug.

A neutral stereo plug adapter is included for use with sound sources not compatible with this standard, allowing you to still enjoy your music.

Molami has chosen to use a 3.5mm plug, which is the dominating standard for mobile two-way communication. Manufacturers such as Blackberry, HTC and Apple use this technology. Not all suppliers have adapted to this standard, and have developed their own version. This deliberately closes out third-party products such as ours. In many cases, adapters are still available from these manufactures.



Pleat’s closed design incorporates noise isolation and its sound provides low-distortion, allowing you to focus on your music. The bass is deep and articulate, and the mids and highs are natural sounding and clear. These headphones are suitable for a multitude of musical genres.


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Customer Reviews

Really happy with purchase

By KMB on 11/2/2015

I've been using earbuds daily for the past 5 years, and kept wearing them out. It's been 2 months now with the Molami pleat and I'm really happy with them. They fold up nicely such that they fit in all but the smallest bags, the sound is really well balanced, the cord feels really durable and they're quiet comfortable once you get the headband adjusted correctly. They're not completely sound isolating, but they are good for commuting, working in cubicle settings, etc. My only issue is when I pull them down from my ears to around my neck i tend to catch some hair in the hinges.
The only other note I can think to pass on is if you are planning on using them with your phone, beware of the square shaped audio jack - it doesn't fit with my phone's hard case.
Best Headphones Ever!

By Joele on 10/29/2013

I LOVE my Molami Pleat over ear headphones. They are compact, stylish (made from the nicest Napa leather), and have a great sound. I have never been a fan of over the ear headphones since I think they usually look clunky and dorky. With my Molamis, I wear them with my dress pants and suit jacket on the way to work and they don't look out of place. They are modern and upscale. Sometimes I wear them around my neck at the office and I have had many a compliments. A high recommend!

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