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The most popular style in the Jaybird Freedom collection, the Carbon black has a beautiful matte finish for a sleek and timeless look. These bluetooth earbuds also feature a sweat proof design, up to 8 hours of battery life, and stunning high definition sound making for the perfect fitness accessory.  In our tests we found the the slim design creates a high degree of comfort, and the optional fins help secure the headphones in the ear even during the most intense activities such as running or weightlifting.


Slim in-ear design

Fine tuned to fit even the smallest ears, the all new Jaybird Freedom create a secure fit inside the ear for hours of comfortable play.



Pair to your favourite device and enjoy wireless freedom.


Battery Life

Up to 8 hours of continues play on a single charge.


In-line Mic

Use the inline microphone for hands free calls


Sweat-resistant Design

A special coating has been applied to ensure a sweat-resistant design that creates a protective barrier even during the most intense workouts.


High Quality Finish

The exterior is design with fashion in mind.  Slim, subtle and stylish. 


MySound App

Use the included app to remember song setting for the perfect sound every time


Included in the Box:

Jaybird Freedom headphones
3 sets of silicone tips
3 sets of comply foam workout tips
3 sets of fins designed to create an extra secure fit
2 pinch clips that helps shorten the wire around the back of your head
1 battery charge
1 battery charge cable
1 premium carrying case

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Customer Reviews

Not bad, but not without faults

By Jason on 11/19/2016

Short summary:


-The power/volume dongle is just a little heavy. It does pull the right earbud out during a workout, and it limits the ways to effectively wear the headphones - use slack management clips to tighten around back of neck, then go over ears with cable.
-Sure they provided a lot of ear tip options, but I still had to go to comply to get the foam eartips that include a wax guard. The holes in the speaker grill allow wax to get inside the bud. Serious design flaw if they don't provide tips with wax guards.


-They are light, and do not get in the way of a hat, or anything on your head.
-The app is great for customizing the sound to your liking. They sound great once tuned.
-The battery clip is not very effective to use while running, but for most other uses, it could be acceptable. Combine that with a traditional portable battery pack, and you could theoretically have headphones with near limitless non stop wireless battery life.
The best running earbuds

By Aritz on 11/17/2016

No doubt. After trying with other earbuds I must say that Jaybird ones are the best by far. The sound quality, earbuds size, included silicone tips and comply foams are so good!

The only thing I think is improveable is the weight of the control device. During the running, the jumps of that device is a bit uncomfortable at the end, but the earburds don't fall in any situation in which I tried. That's why I rated comfort as 4 stars.

The other reason to rate sound with 4 stars is due to bluetooth technology, which will never win the fight against wired devices. However, the sound quality is the best I tried with a bluetooth device.

I highly recommend this purchasing, and I also recommend to do it from Experience Headphones because the delivery time (I'm writing from Spain) was amazingly fast!
Great running headphones

By Terrymcp on 10/31/2016

I bought these to replace a set of X2`s that had conked out on me from sweat. I decided to upgrade to the freedoms because of the small profile to the earpiece. I tried many different combinations of ear fins and ear tips to find the right combo for me. I found the foam tips were great for running because they don't seal off my ears completely so I can still hear a car approaching, I found that they didn't sound as good as the silicone but I didn't want that total seal. I have used them in the x-fit style and it worked really well for exercising but as the cooler weather started I had to start to wear a hat on my runs. The first time I used them under my buff they were soaked from sweat. I had the extra battery on as well and I noticed when I went to charge them that there was some blue stuff around the little magnetic prongs on both the back of the inline mic and the removable battery. It didn't seem to affect it. I have since started using them normally which lets the mic hang below my ear and I just clip them to the back of my buff to keep the mike from causing the cable to slide to the right. The Bluetooth seems to better that way. With it under my hat it would cut out a bit when I turned my head. But as long as they were exposed I have been over 50 feet away and they didn't cut out. They are a really good secure fit and very comfortable. I have no complaints so far with them. Experience Headphone was great to order from. very fast shipping and packaged really well. I recommend the product and I highly recommend purchasing from Experience Headphone.
Worth Every Penny

By Tracey on 9/2/2016

I have owned these for a few months now and I am super impressed.

The sound - excellent, good bass, clear instrumentals.

The fit - stays secure even when I jog

The bluetooth - I have never had the bluetooth drop out - fingers crossed it never happens

The customer service - Experience Headphones is the best. Just look at all of their amazing reviews. They really know how to provide top shelf customer service.

Overall - I have purchased a lot of workout earbuda and none have ever come close to these. I am a new fan for life.
The best bluetooth sports headphones available IMHO

By Boardy on 8/26/2016

I am a regular runner and music lover. I have tried many earphones over the years including Beats Powerbeats 2, Beoplay H5, Bowers & Wilkins C5, Bose Soundsport etc. All great brands but the new Jaybird Freedom earphones beat them all hands down.

For me sound quality is really important as I like to use them for relaxing as well as sport. The sound quality is exceptional especially given the tiny form factor. I love true deep bass and this is something often missing from bluetooth earphones. Trust me, they pack a punch - incredible for the size. Also, the MySound app is really great and can tailor the sound exactly as you like it.

When it comes to activity, there are various options for secure fit. I don't use the in ear secure fit adapters. I find that the Comply foam tips provide a secure enough fit while running. The buds are so small that they hardly move anyway. I then use the supplied clip to attach the wire to the back of my shirt. So comfortable.

Service from Experience Headphones was brilliant. I live in the UK where the Jaybirds have not been released yet. Ordered on Sunday, delivered to the UK by Thursday. Well packaged and great communication.

If you want a pair of bluetooth earphones designed for activity but equally at home relaxing or on the commute with exceptional sound quality buy these. Well worth the money!
Not what I would hope for the price

By Ben on 8/11/2016

I'm a little bit disappointed if truth be told. The ear pieces are so small, they don't stay in. The foam buds muffle 70% of the bass so you need the rubber buds to make use of the sounds quality and price tag. Unfortunately, that means you need the wings, which if I'm honest are not as secure or comfortable as the ones which I got on a pair of mpow which were £20. That isn't to say these are not better but 8 times the price is a little much. I think maybe the x3's might end up being better. They look like the extra size will not only result in a better fit (similar to normal wired earphones) but the additional size should allow for better sound. I think ultimately too much was sacrificed to make the smallest wireless headphones without thinking about the basics. To quote Jeff, "they were so preoccupied with whether they could, that they didn't stop to consider if they should" or something like that ;0)
Super comfort

By Forra on 8/11/2016

I bought Jaybird Freedom for a month from now, it is very comfortable during my workout. Only sometime one of the brug come out from my ear when i am doing crunches. The sound quality is wonderful too. Overall is supper!
Great product, best place to buy

By Gonzoandrea on 8/10/2016

Headphones works very well, the product is perfect for fitness, running and during my bike commute.
Also useful at work during online calls if paired to a computer and you need to walk around the office.

Experience Headphones is a great website to buy on, affordable and with a delivery quick as hell.
At the time I bough the headphones, the only online store with the latest product available.
Very Good - for Bluetooth

By Ben on 8/8/2016

The Jaybird Freedoms are great headphones. The connectivity is fairly easy (two devices at once), the battery life acceptable, and sound quality (with the app's profile editor) is excellent.

The downside is related to the fit. It takes a while to hone in on the perfect for for you. When using the supplied cable loops I found it added a weight to the cable between the buds which was prone to catching & rubbing causing buds to work loose from my ear. In the end I went with the default length, and they now stay relatively stable in my ears.

The only downside is the foam earbud fittings. I wasn't expecting it, but they perish within a few weeks, very poor quality. I was directed to Jaybird support for my query, but they have been zero help, saying that the headphones are out of warranty after 30 days of my order (despite me pre-ordering them, which makes no sense at all!). The idiocy of Jaybird's poor customer relations make these hard to recommend should they go wrong.
The perfect excercise earbud

By Gregg on 8/4/2016

I have been searching for an earbud that would stay firm inside my ears during a workout and then I finally came across these. The Jaybird Freedom have changed my life.

The earbuds are super comfortable, and the slim design fits really well with my smaller ears. The fins also do a really good job created a tight seal for even my most intense workouts.

Some people mention that the remote is a bit heavy. I don't really have an issue with the weight, but I use the clip to attach the cord to my shirt and this helps balance the weight.

it can take a bit of fiddling to find the perfect fit. You just have to be patient.

Overall, the customer service, and the shipping speed, and the overall experience has been amazing! I highly recommend these earbuds and this company.
Well worth it

By Canamaya on 7/22/2016

The service re ordering and delivery is easy, rapid and vey efficient.
The product is good for sound, comfort & use. Stays put and is soon forgotten. The most important part is to take time and get them fitting properly and cables secured. This is somewhat fiddly but in the end rewarding as if done properly you do not know it is there.
All in all a very worthwhile product. Small so easy to take anywhere. Well done!
Upgrade from x2

By Lesley on 7/22/2016

These are perfect for me, having quite narrow ear canals, they are far more comfortable than the x2s. Sound quality is excellent for both music and movies. Couldn't fault them, nor the service I received from Experience headphones and the super quick delivery to the UK. Would not hesitate to shop here again.
Stylish, comfortable, amazing sound

By JasonMason on 6/28/2016

These are exactly what I have been waiting for. The slim design fits really well in my ears, and the included comply foam tips make for a super comfortable fit even on long plane rides.

I love the app that is included for creating different song profiles.

Great bass too.

Overall, 10/10 for the headphones and 12/10 for the customer service i received from Experience Headphones. Top notch!
Less than 1/2 the size of the X2!!!

By Pamela S on 6/13/2016

They've outdone themselves! I loved my X2, but did find it a little bulky for me, I have little ears! But the new Freedom is tiny!!!!

Ladies...this is what we've been waiting for!
Fellas...you wanted more bass? You got it ;)

- Pamela S, Experience Headphones Team Member (Vancouver BC)

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