Holiday Headphones Guide

Holiday headphone Guide

LSTN Headphones

Why they make great gifts

Environmentally Friendly: All LSTN headphones are made with reclaimed wood from high end furniture manufacturers.  This also means that no two pairs will ever look alike.

Stellar Sound: Amazingly warm, rich, and somewhat acoustic sound.

Retro Look: The unique design is totally retro, and completely on point with the style guys and girls are into right now.

Socially Conscious: A portion of the proceeds from every sale goes to the Starkey Hearing Foundation which helps kids in 3rd world countries get their hearing back.

Holiday LSTN Headphones

Frends Headphones

For the lady in your life

Designer Style: Hailed as the best designer headphone of 2014, Frends knows how to make a headphone that looks as good as it sounds.

Luxurious Materials: Using hand crafted metal, lambskin leather, and plush memory foam, this is one headphone that doesn't skimp on quality.

Rich Sound: Designer headphone often get a bad rap for having poor sound quality. The Frends headphones put this rumour to bed by offering amazing bass and clear vocals.

Accessorize: All Frends with Benefits headphones come with removable caps so you can swap out and accessorize your headphones with different cap designs.

Holiday Frends headphones

Urbanears Headphones

For all ages

Colourful: Urbanears have an amazing assortment of colours and styles. Each season they introduce 3 new colours that are only available for a few months.  This season the popular limited edition colours are the Mulberry and Julep.

Stylish: Urbanears do not have their logo printed on the side of the headphones. This makes them perfect for accessorizing with your favourite outfit!

Sweet Sound: Urbanears do a wonderful job of bringing sound and affordability to their amazing lineup of headphones. 

Something for everyone: Whether you prefer on-ear, over-ear, or an in-ear style of headphone, Urbanears has you covered. The selection is virtually endless.

Holiday Urbanears Headphones



Ted Baker Headphones

For those who value fashion and exclusivity

Imported: Experience Headphones is proud to be the only North American company carrying the new and exclusive Ted Baker line of headphones.  We imported them direct from the UK specifically for this holiday season.

Cutting edge fashion: Ted Baker makes no mistake when it comes to fashion and style.  Using premium materials and a sleek design, these headphones are in a league of their own.

Quality Sound: The stylish look did not come at the sacrifice of sound. These amazing headphones have rich bass and clear vocals for the ultimate listening experience.

Big and small: There are 2 versions of this popular brand including the portable in-ear Dover headphones, and the more luxurious over-ear Rockall headphones.

Ted Baker Headphones

Marshall Headphones

The rockstar in all of us

Rockstar style: Marshall has a long history of creating some of the world's greatest guitar amps. Now they have made their way into headphones, calling on their years of experience to produce something truly amazing.

Premium sound: Marshall has spared no expense to create headphones that sound as good as they look. Dollar for value this is one of the best sounding headphones on the market.

Vintage design: The Marshall design is nothing short of amazing. Vintage, cool, and perfectly suited for anyone with a little bit of rock and roll style.

Bluetooth speakers too: Marshall went one step further and has released a line of bluetooth speakers that look like vintage Marshall amps. The sound, power and style make the Marshall speakers #1 on the market.

Holiday Marshall Headphones


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