Frends Headphones Style Guide


Frends Headphones Style Guide


Worn by celebrities from all over the world, Frends are quickly becoming the most popular designer headphone of 2015.


Zoella in Frends Headphones Drew Barrymore in Frends Headphones

Olivia Wilde in Frends Headphones Selena Gomez in Frends headphones

Selecting from the different style options can be confusing.  That is why we created this simple style guide to help you make the perfect decision.

Style Options

Frends Taylor Headphones


 Frends Taylor

Frends Taylor are an over-ear style headphone. This means that they will fully cover your ears and create a much better sound isolation from the outside world. This headphone is perfect for those who want a full and rich sound, while also making a bit of a fashion statement. The ear pads are wrapped in genuine leather and padded with plush memory foam. All of our Taylor headphones have the ability to remove the metal caps and switch with other designs in the Frends Taylor Luxury Cap Collection.




Frends Layla Headphones

Frends Layla

Frends Layla headphones are designed as a smaller, on-ear version of the popular Taylor headphones. This design is perfect for those who want a bit of style while still wanting to remaining subtle in appearance., Like the Taylor headphones, the Layla features plush memory foam ear pads and a thin and stylish headband. All of our Layla headphones have the ability to remove the caps and exchange for different styles from the Frends Layla Luxury Cap Collection




Frends Cap Collection

Frends Luxury Cap Collection

By far the coolest part about the Frends headphone line is the luxury cap collection. Frends originally started with a select few caps made specifically for Taylor headphones. The thing to keep in mind when choosing which of the luxury cap cap set is right for you, is whether the cap set has a gold or a rose highlight to it. The gold highlighted caps (such as the black enamel and tortoise) work well with the Oil Slick and the Gold and Black headphones, while the ones with the rose highlights (such as the Mother of Pearl Cap Set) works best with the Rose Gold headphones.


What's Next?

Frends always has new design projects on the go. There is even a rumour that Rebecca Minkoff will be releasing a follow up to her original cap collection.  We will keep this page updated with all the latest style releases, so be sure to bookmark and check back often!