Frends Headphones Giveaway

The Experience x Frends Giveaway is now over!


But you can still win a gift card by:


1. Joining our exclusive member list

We will be sending out free gift cards direct to some of our lucky members.

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2. Win $200 Instantly! - All codes have been claimed.

We have provided 3 Gift card codes below.  Each one is valued at $200.00!!

From now until Friday we will be randomly activating one of the Gift codes.  The first person to use it at the checkout page, wins!


How to check the codes:

Step 1: Browse our website and find your favourite pair of Frends Headphones

Step 2: Add them to your cart.

Step 3: Enter the checkout page

Step 4: Enter the code at the bottom of the page where it says "Use Gift Card to check out"

Step 5: If it is active, then you will see a green box showing the amount.  If it is inactive, you will see a red box saying the card in invalid.

Step 6: Purchase!


$200 Gift Card Codes (Amounts in USD)





Remember, there will be dozens of other people checking these codes, so be sure to purchase as soon as it becomes active.  Once the card is used, it is gone forever!


Click Here to start shopping for your favorite Frends headphones now!

Tips to increase your odds of winning

1. Create an account and then fill in your shipping and billing details.  Using an account means your details will already be filled in when you get to the checkout page.
2. Keep this page open so you can quickly reference all 3 codes.
3. Check back on the hour.  This is when the codes are most likely to be activated.
4. Make sure you have the item in your cart that you want to purchase.  
5. Keep checking all codes.  If someone doesn't use the full value when they checkout, there may be a smaller amount remaining for you to use.