Corporate Gift Guide


Corporate Gift Guide


So this year you decided that you want to get your staff, partners, clients, janitors etc. something truly special? Enough with the coffee cups, blankets, chocolates and other garbage that we don't need! This year you want to give the timeless gift of audio.  Wonderful!  Our hand curated collection of headphones and speakers bring some of the world's finest brands together in one place.  We have everything from the truly amazing LSTN reclaimed wood products to the top of the line PRYMA Italian crafted headphones.


Best of all, as a corporate buyer you get instant access to:

- Our exclusive corporate buyer discount

- Full access to our Experience Headphones 365 Day Warranty program

- Complimentary gift wrapping.  


Interested in getting started? Simply email us at [email protected] and we will get your account setup right away.  Minimum purchase commitment is 5 units in order to qualify for a discount.


This is a small selection of the over 160 styles that we currently have available: