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Urbanears Snow Blue, Powder Pink, and Nougat Beige have arrived
By Jenny C

Urbanears Snow Blue powder pink nougat beige


In case you missed it, Urbanears releases a limited number of seasonal colours every fall and every spring season.  This year we finally have a glimpse at the Fall 2016 colours and they are pretty amazing.

A staff favourite is the Urbanears Snow Blue.  It is not quite as blue as it appears in the photos, taking on more of snow colour as the name suggests.  What we love most is that the colour is subtle but trendy at the same time.  A perfect accessory to go along with literally any outfit that you can put together.

Urbanears Snow Blue

Next on the list is the Urbanears Powder Pink.  Seriously, how cute is this colour?  Taking it's name from the soft and delicate pink tone, this stylish new colour will match with super light, or super dark clothing, adding either a highlight or a contrast to that perfect outfit.  All of your friends are going to want to know where in the world you got these.

Urbanears powder pink

Last but definitely not least is the Urbanears Nougat Beige.  It literally looks like chocolate.  So much so that one of our staff actually tried to take a bite out of the headband during testing!  But seriously, the colour is so soft, warm and inviting that it is going to be super popular during the winter months.  It provides a sense of warmth and comfort that is unmatched by any of the other colours in the Urbanears collection.

Urbanears nougat beige

There you have it. The Fall 2016 Urbanears colour line-up.  Be sure to check out our full page of Urbanears colours and styles so that you always have access to the latest updates and seasonal additions.  

You can view the full Urbanears Headphones Page Here

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