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Top Christmas Gifts for 2016: Bluetooth Headphones and Speakers
By Jenny C

Christmas gift guide 2016

If you are wondering what the hottest Christmas gifts for 2016 are going to be, look no further. This year is all about bluetooth.  Everyone is looking for the latest and most stylish bluetooth headphones and speakers and lucky for you,  we have the most comprehensive list. 

We focused our Bluetooth headphone and speaker list on companies that showed true innovation in terms of quality, comfort and sound.  While this isn't a complete list, it will get you started in the right direction.


LSTN Bluetooth wireless headphones1. LSTN Bluetooth Headphones

First on the list is the LSTN Bluetooth Headphones.  We love this product because they are made with reclaimed wood (meaning no 2 pairs will ever be the same) and feature a super comfortable over-ear design.  Best of all the sound is truly sublime.  Soft, warm, and inviting.  These are perfect for men and women of any age who like having something personal and unique and they make an absolutely stellar Christmas gift. 

There are 3 styles to choose from:

Ebony Wood

Matte Black

Zebra Wood



2. Jaybird X3 Wireless Sport Earbuds

Next ont he list is arguable one of the most talked about wireless earbuds on the market.  The Jaybird X3 wireless sport earbuds.  Their predecessor the X2 were such a big hit, that when the X3 were released the internet nearly broke.  Everyone was trying to hnt down a pari.  What makes them so special is the small design, solid 8 hour battery life, sweat-proof exterior, high definition sound and included app for adjusting song settings.  If you know someone who loves to workout, the outdoors, or simply have wireless freedom in a small earbud, then these are for you.

These come in 2 colours:





Marshall bluetooth speakers

3. Marshall Bluetooth Speakers

Number 3 on the list is the absolutely amazing Marshall Bluetooth speaker collection. These are bluetooth speakers designed to look like old school Marshall amplifiers and everyone seems to want one this year.  There are a variety of sizes, from handheld all the way up to full blown party speakers.  Some of the styles even run on battery which allows you to take them everywhere you go.  TIME magazine recently ranked the Marshall line the best bluetooth speakers money can buy.  These speakers are perfect for anyone with a nostalgia for rock and roll, who likes the vintage look or just wants something super cool to have in their room. 

There are 4 styles to choose from (In order from smallest to largest):







4. AKG Y50 Bluetooth

Rounding out the list at #4 is the absolutely amazing AKG Y50 line of bluetooth headphones. This is the newest addition from AKG, an award winning company for sound and design.  These headphones feature a 20 hour battery life, a soft fabric carrying case, crisp highs and rich lows, making it one of our top picks for the holiday season.

This style comes in 3 colour combination

Y50 BT Black

Y50 BT Silver

Y50 BT Blue


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