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Marshall Monitor Review: My rainy day with the vintage headphones
By Bella Ragazza

Marshall Monitor Headphones

Hello my lovelies!

This has been one crazy week. Remember the coffee shop guy from my last post? Yeah, so that didn't go over so well.  It turns out he is already seeing someone else! Althoughm he did graciously offer to hook up with me on Mondays and Wednesday.  Can you believe he actually thought i would be into that?

To top it all off, it rained all day.  I just want summer and my beautiful tan to return.  Canadians are already white enough as it is...

However, there was a bright spot to the week. I got to test out the Marshall Monitor Vintage Vinyl Black headphones. Oh my, oh my what an amazing headphone!  I must admit, when i first saw them I didn't think they were very feminine, but when i put them on it was clear that the low profile design, and sleek black look was designed to make everyone look good, even us girls.

Best of all, the sound is absolutely amazing. I never knew my music could sound that good. The notes are clear, the vocals are crisp, and the bass is pretty strong. There are also these little filters inside the earcups that supposedly change the sound of the music from bassy and soft (when the filters are in) to more clear and bright (when the filters are taken out). Admittedly I only heard a marginal difference in the sound, but I am told that a more well trained audiophile would definitely notice the difference.  Either way, they sound amazing to me!

These headphones would make an amazing "his and hers" gift for like Valentine's day or Christmas or something. I love the idea of two people in love wearing their matching headphones and rocking out to their favourite song. Actually, the Marshall Monitor headphones have a hole on each side of the earphones allowing your friend to plug-in to the free hole and share your music.  No need for a splitter.  Cool hey!

Overall, my week may have sucked, but the Marshall Monitors took me to a happy place.  I would ghighly recommend these for anyone who wants amazing sound and likes a low-profile style.

Oh, and to escape the rain I decided to put on some Marley and make myself a margarita. As soon as I closed my eyes, it was like I had been transported to a sunny beach on a tropical island.

Now all I have to do is make sure I don't open my eyes or let the music stop!

Marshall Monitor in Vintage Vinyl Black: $229.00

-Ciao! Bella

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