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Jaybird X4 Release Date
By Jenny C




Jaybird X4 Release Date


The big question on everyone's mind is when will Jaybird release the X4? Unfortunately, not this year. It looks like the X4 is scheduled for the summer of 2018.  But the X3 is on sale for an amazing price!


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If you are still looking for the X4, it might be worth looking at the X3.  The design is sleek, sporty, and sweat-resistant, plus it offers an amazing 8 hour battery life and comes in 4 super cool colours.  We also have this model on sale for an awesome price!  Check the links below.


Jaybird X3 Release Date


The Jaybird X3 is now available on order through ExperienceHeadphones.com.

JUST RELEASED: The Jaybird X3 Road Rash

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You can shop the entire Jaybird Line at ExperienceHeadphones.com.  

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