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Holiday Gift Ideas: LSTN Headphones
By Bella Ragazza

LSTN Headphones

This season is all about finding the perfect gift that covers a few basics.  Social responsibility, vintage design, and environmentally friendly.  Enter the amazing lineup of LSTN headphones.

The LSTN story goes like this: The founders of LSTN have a passion for music, style, and social responsibility. Their mandate has never been to make money... their mandate is to make a difference. All LSTN headphones are made with reclaimed wood from high-end furniture and floor manufacturers, and each pair sold helps to restore the hearing of a child in need through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

There literally isn't a more interesting, unique, or amazing line of headphones on the market right now. And because these are so amazing, they are sure to impress even the most difficult to please gift receiver.  best of all, because the LSTN Headphones are made with real hardwoods, there will never be two pairs that look the same due to the woodgrain finish.

LSTN BoweryStarting with the Bowery, this is an in-ear style that offer amazing sound, deep and rich bass, and a slick design. Perfect for the person on the go who wants something that fits neatly int heir pocket.

LSTN FillmoresMoving to the Fillmore, this is an on-ear design that offers amazingly punchy bass, clear vocals, and a very slim design that is easily foldable.  Best of all, the woodgrain has a large surface area to show off the unique look.

LSTN Troubadours

Ending with to truly stunning Troubadour, this over-ear headphone was designed for a true comfort.  Using memory foam pads this amazing headphone feature a retro tear-drop design, with a lightweight construction.  This is the perfect pair to relax on the couch, sip a glass of wine, and melt away into the bliss that is your music. 

View the entire LSTN Collection Here

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