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The Headphones Beyoncé Wore in her Music Video Sandcastles
By Bella Ragazza

Beyonce Headphones Sandcastles

Beyoncé is undoubtably one of the most talented musicians of our time.  Her music has a way of telling a deep and wonderful story, while the lyrics paint the pictures in your mind of everything from happiness to heartbreak.

Her new album Lemonade takes this gift to a whole new level and one of the most talked about songs on the album is Sandcastles.  This will arguably become one of the most popular new break-up songs for 2016.


This is all fine, but what are those amazing headphones she is wearing in the video?

The answer: They are Italian made headphones from PRYMA

PRYMA headphones were released in November 2015 and quickly became one of the most sought after styles on the planet.  These stunning headphones are fully handmade in Italy and feature an Italian leather headband, 360 degree high definition sound, and 5 luxurious designer finishes, including the limited edition Carbon Marsala.

It is safe to say that Beyoncé has absolutely amazing style in everything from her clothes, hair, to her headphones.

These headphones are now available for sale at: Experience Headphones - PRYMA Collection

Which color is Beyoncé wearing in the video? Find it here

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