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Corporate Christmas Gifts: Your holiday business gift guide
By Dean Horsfield

corporate gift headphones

Finding the perfect corporate gift is difficult and time consuming, right?  Your don't want to do the boring old gift basket full of junky items that no one really cares about. You have given away enough corporate branded garb to make even your biggest supports roll their eyes in anticipation.  And you don't really have the time to go searching for something new and unique. So what now?



In 2008 beats introduced the world to luxury headphone buying with their hugely successful beats by Dr. Dre. In 2013 Apple seized on the opportunity and bought beats for over $3 billion dollars.  This opened up the world to a whole new swath of amazing and unique headphone styles making them the #1 item on everyones list. 

Now, while beats is no longer the "go to" brand, we have put together a list of the hottest and most stylish up-and-comers.  Give any single one of these and you will be the talk of the town.


Please reach out to us Toll Free: 1.866.428.9346 or at: i[email protected] to discuss your Corporate Christmas Gift needs.  We offer free delivery and gift wrapping. We make buying corporate gifts easy and hassle free.


lstn headphones1. LSTN

Who they are: Born out of West Hollywood, California, LSTN makes a super unique line of headphones made with exotic reclaimed woods.

Why we love them: Every pair is uniquely designed due to the varying patterns of the woodgrain. A large portion of the proceeds of every sale go toward the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Styles offered: LSTN offers over-ear, on-ear and in-ear styles starting from as low as $59.00.

View the full lin here


Aedle Legacy Headphones2. Aedle

Who they are: They are French brand that dedicates themselves to style, quality, and sound. One of the most exquisite headphone lines on the market.

Why we love them: Every pair is hand crafted in brittany, France by artisans using luxurious materials such as titanium, airplane grade aluminium, and lambskin leather.

Styles offered: All Aedle headphones come in a luxurious on-ear style.

View the full line here

Marshall Major headphones3. Marshall

Who they are: World renouwned as some of the best gautar amp makers powering artist from Hendrix to Slash, this legendary audio company made thier foray into headphones in 2013 and hasn't looked back.

Why we love them: Each pair is made with the same patented vynal leather used on their legendary amps.  The sound quality is bright and yet full at the same time. The perfect corporate gift for the rockstar minded.

Styles offered: Marshall offers a growing line of over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear styles starting from as low as $79.00.

View the full line here

If you are interested in any of these headphone styles please reach out to us Toll Free: 1.866.428.9346 or at: [email protected] to discuss your Corporate Christmas Gift needs.  We offer free delivery, gift wrapping, and a 365 day return/exchange/warranty policy.

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