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Christmas Gift Ideas: Punk and Polished Headphones
By Bella Ragazza

Punk and Polished Headphones


What do you get for the girl who is a little bit punk and a little bit polished?  Headphones of course!!


This christmas it is all about vintage looks with a classy twist.  Intro the Punk and Polished collection by Experience Headphones.  This designer collection features some of the hottest styles of the season, matched with some of the best audio that we have seen in decades.  Whether it is for listening at home, at work, or on-the-go, you will find the perfect style from our Punk and Polished list.

1. Marshall Major II in Vintage Black Vinyl - There is a reason this made the top of the group.  It is absolutely amazing!  Featuring a vintage vinyl leather exterior, memory foam pad interior, and epic Marshal rockstar sound, this is the top gift on everyone's list. Best of all, it folds down to about half the size for easy carrying wherever life may take you.  


2. Marshall Monitor Vintage Black Vinyl - This is the big sister to the Marshall Major.  It features all the same materials but with a larger over-ear design meant for long term listening sessions.  Ideal for travel, work, or just a weekend with your favourite track.  But don't be fooled by the larger size, it folds away almost as small as the Major for easy carrying.  


3. Caeden Linea No1 in Gunmetal Black - The name pretty much says it all.  Gunmetal is the essence of what it means to be Punk and Polished.  Featuring big bass, an ultra lightweight design for maximum comfort, and a sleek carbon and gunmetal finish, this is the headphone that everyone is going to say "oh, where did you get those!?" - It will be our little secret ;)


4. LSTN Encore in Ebony Wood - This is the ultimate vintage look, and guess what? They are socially responsible! These headphones are made with genuine reclaimed wood, and proceeds from every sale help support a charity that helps kids get the hearing back. How rockstar is that!? Best of all, the Encore feature beautiful sound, and super comfortable design, and an ultimate vintage finish.  Plus, no two pairs will ever be the same (since it is a woodgrain finish after all).


5. Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker in Pitch Black Vintage Vinyl - Marshall blew the minds of guitarists everywhere when they released their line of rock and roll amps back in the 1960's.  Now, you can own a piece of rock and roll history with these remake bluetooth versions of their rockstar amps. Connect via your phone, computer, record player, literally anything on the planet and blast the most amazing tunes you have ever heard in your entire life.


6. Marshall Major II in Vintage White Vinyl - Who ever said that punk and polished had to mean black? The modern chic recognizes that she can bring a bit of light to her punk lifestyle. Featuring plush memory foam earpads, a vintage vinyl leather headband, and rockstar quality audio, this is the perfect headphone for the ulitmate polished punk.


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