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Celebrity Headphone Guide
By Bella Ragazza

Celebrity Headphones

Celebrity Headphone Guide


It seems like everyone is wearing headphones... and for good reason. Headphones are the world's next great fashion accessory.  And guess what?  Celebrities have taken notice.  Check out who is wearing what and which styles are proving to be the most popular with your favourite celebs.


Taylor Swift UrbanearsUrbanears


Why we Love Them: 

Urbanears have one of the widest colour selections available, with new and exciting limited edition styles being added every season.  Hot right now are the Julep, Citrus, and Forget-Me-Not colours that were released as part of the fall 2014 collection.


Styles to Choose From:

Zinken: Over-Ear style that comes with DJ quality sound

Plattan: On-Ear style designed to be light and portable

Medis: In-Ear style perfect for the person on-the-go


Who is Wearing Them:

Notable celebs dawning the Urbanears style include Drew Barrymore, Katie Holmes, and the amazing Taylor Swift who is rocking a pair of the Urbanears Medis in Lilac (photo to the right)


Urbanears styles




Lorde LSTN TroubadourLSTN


Why we Love Them: 

This is one of the coolest retro style headphones on the market! LSTN makes every pair out of reclaimed wood from high-end furniture manufacturers. Using exotic woods such as Beech, Cherry, Ebony and Zebra. Best of all they donate a significant portion of the proceed to help kids in need get their hearing back through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.


Styles to Choose From:

Troubadour: Over-Ear style that is soft, comfortable, and surprisingly lightweight.

Fillmore: On-Ear style with deep bass and a fold-up portable style.

Bowery: In-Ear style that offer supreme sound with a super cool retro look.


Who is Wearing Them:

Musicians from all over the world are getting into the LSTN groove. Spotted on artists such as Bastille, Dave Grohl (Foo-Fighters), and Lorde (featured to the right enjoying her pair of LSTN Troubadour in Cherry Wood).


LSTN Headphone Lineup




Selena Gomez Frends Layla Rose GoldFrends


Why we Love Them: 

Frends shook up the industry last year by launching one of the world's first headphones designed specifically for women. They even teamed up with world famous designer Rebecca Minkoff to release an ultra exclusive cap set. These headphones are perfect for the girl who wants the world to notice that she knows how to dress to impress.


Styles to Choose From:

Taylor: Over-Ear style made with plush leather, and handcrafted metal caps.

Layla: On-Ear style designed to mimic the Taylor style but in a smaller, more subtle size.

Ella: In-Ear style that is designed to be the jewellery for your ears.


Who is Wearing Them:

The more appropriate question would be, "Who isn't?"  These amazing headphone have been spotted on everyone from Anne Hathaway to Olivia Wilde, and Irina Shayk to Selena Gomez (featured to the right wearing her Frends Layla in Rose Gold and White Leather).


Frends Headphones Lineup




Shahrukh Khan Marshall MajorMarshall


Why we Love Them: 

Marshall has long been known as the king of the guitar amp, but in 2013 they decided to take their love for music and design one step further by introducing a whole new lineup of vintage style headphones. Made with the same patented leather that is used on their world famous amps, the Marshall headphones offer a distinct rocker look while pushing your music to a whole new level of awesome.


Styles to Choose From:

Monitor: Over-Ear style featuring memory foam earcups, a removable cord, and a slim design.

Major: On-Ear style designed to fit perfectly in a backpack.

Minor: In-Ear style that uses EarClick technology to lock the earbuds into your ears.


Who is Wearing Them:

Marshall has a very large cult following and is often seen being worn by musicians, actors, and fashion designers. Actor and producer Shahrukh Khan is looking pretty stylish in his Marshall Major Black and Gold headphones.


Marshall Headphone Line



Peter Jacobs YurbudsYurbuds


Why we Love Them: 

These headphones feature a slim design, stylish look, and a TwistLock technology that guarantees the headphones will never fall out. A pretty impressive claim, but after extensive testing, we can confirm, they actually never fall out!  Even better is the entire line was developed with the help of pro athletes.


Styles to Choose From:

Inspire Limited: In-Ear style featuring advanced audio technology and a limited edition design.

Inspire Venture: In-Ear style designed for those who crave the outdoors and adventure.

Inspire Pro for Women: In-Ear style developed to fit the specific needs of women with smaller ears.


Who is Wearing Them:

For obvious reasons, Yurbuds are a favourite among pro athletes including Nick Collison (Pro Basketball Player), Billy Slater (Pro Rugby Player), Kyle "Epic" Mendoza (Pro Parkour athlete), as well as professional triathlete and 2012 Ironman World Champion Peter Jacobs (featured in the photo to the right).


Yurbuds Headphone Lineup



Joe Jonas Street by 50Street by 50


Why we Love Them: 

For those of you tired of seeing beats by Dr. Dre everywhere, we bring you the other headphone! Street by 50 is the brainchild of rapper 50 Cent and his unique style along with highly tuned headphones take your listening experience to a whole new level. Featuring a wide variety of colours and a deep bass sound, these are quickly becoming the #1 headphone on every kid's wish list.


Styles to Choose From:

Street by 50 On-Ear Wired: On-Ear style designed to be lightweight, durable, colourful, and beautiful to listen to.


Who is Wearing Them:

These headphones are a favourite among American celebrities such as Jennifer Hudson, Ne-Yo, Kendrick Lamar, Carrie Underwood, and Joe Jonas (featured to the right wearing his Street by 50 Cent in White)


SMS Street by 50 Headphone Lineup

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