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Back to School Headphone Guide (2016 Edition)
By Bella Regazza

Back to school headphones 2016


Back to School Headphone Guide (2016 Edition)


2016 is all about music and headphones.  From vintage designs to the more modern and sleek high-fashion finishes, this guide covers everything you need to get your back-to-school music ready for the classroom and the street.



Why we Love Them: Urbanears have one of the widest colour selections available, with new and exciting limited edition styles being added every season.  Hot right now are the Malibu and Caribbean styles which were released as part fo the 2016 collection.


Styles to Choose From:

Plattan: On-Ear style designed to be colorful, light and portable.

Plattan Wireless:  On-Ear style that uses a bluetooth connection to cut the cord and give you wireless freedom.  Best of all the headband is removable and machine washable.

Hellas Wireless: On-Ear sport and fitness style headphones that use a bluetooth connection to give you wireless freedom.  Best of all the earpads and headband are removable and machine washable.


Who is Wearing Them:  Notable celebrities wearing the Urbanears style include Drew Barrymore, Katie Holmes, and the stunning Taylor Swift.







Lorde LSTN TroubadourLSTN


Why we Love Them:  This is one of the coolest retro style headphones on the market! LSTN is the enviro company choosing to make every pair of headphones with reclaimed wood. Best of all they donate a significant portion of the proceed to help kids in need get their hearing back through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.


Styles to Choose From:

Encore: The newest edition. Packed with soul crunching sound, and a modern square design.

Troubadour: Over-Ear style that is soft, comfortable, and surprisingly lightweight.

Bowery: In-Ear style that offer supreme sound with a super cool retro look.


Who is Wearing Them:  Spotted on artists such as Bastille, Dave Grohl (Foo-Fighters), and Lorde (featured to the right enjoying her pair of LSTN Troubadour in Cherry Wood).






Shahrukh Khan Marshall MajorMarshall


Why we Love Them: Made with the same patented leather that is used on their world famous amps, the Marshall headphones offer a distinct rocker look while pushing your music to a whole new level of awesome.


Styles to Choose From:

Monitor: Over-Ear style featuring memory foam ear-cups, a removable cord, and a slim design.

Major II: On-Ear style designed to fit perfectly in a backpack and comfortably around your neck.

Major II BLUETOOTH: With over 30 hours of battery life, who wouldn't love these!


Who is Wearing Them:  Marshall has a very large cult following and is often seen being worn by musicians, actors, and fashion designers. Actor and producer Shahrukh Khan is looking pretty stylish in his Marshall Major II Black and Gold headphones.






Soo Joo Park in caeden HeadphonesCaeden


Why we Love Them:  Based out of SoHo, New York, Caeden brings a fresh and innovative look to the headphone market. These headphones feature a slim and lightweight design.  The audio is rich and clear which is perfect for those long bus rides, or late night study sessions.


Styles to Choose From:

Caeden Linea No10: Wireless headphones with a stunningly sophisticated style

Caeden Linea No1: The signature headphone that fits comfortably over your ears.

Caeden Linea No2: The in-ear headphone made with luxury materials that also boasts a luxury sound.


Who is Wearing Them:  Caeden is a favourite among celebrities, artists, DJ's and Models. Web celebrity Preston Chaunsumlit, Photographer Bibi Cornejo Borthwick, Fashion blogger Tommy Lei, DJ SOSUPERSAM, and International model Soo Joo Park (featured to the right in her Linea No1 Ceramic and Rose headphones) are all loyal brand enthusiasts.




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