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Founded in 2013, we are a retailer and designer of high fashion, high quality audio.

Our belief is simple: You should never have to compromise between fashion, function and quality.  This was an old-world trade-off that we aim to eliminate.  We exist at the intersection of fashion and technology because that is what makes it fun.  

All of our products are rigorously tested to meet the highest standards, and every product we sell is backed by our in-house 365 day warranty. 



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Fans of the Brand
Experience Headphones Review
Had an amazing experience from start to finish. This is the exact sort of Customer Service that so many organizations, especially retailers, can learn from!
Tina Flynn
Experience Headphones Review
This is one of the best websites I have used in years. Everything from customer service, speed of delivery and packaging was spot on. Well done.
Victoria Haines
Experience Headphones Review
I got amazing customer service! I needed my order by this Sunday and one item was back ordered but customer service made sure I got what I needed when I needed it. They even offered to call around to send me the item I needed at their own expense! Amazing!
Mariah Rachel Palumbo
Experience Headphones Review
Best place to buy your headphones. Great service and sexy products
Jay Giraud
Experience Headphones Review
I finally got to visit Experience Headphones when I was in Vancouver this weekend. LOVED IT!!! If you are looking for headphones this is the place to go!! Or shop online and they will ship them right to you!!
Diane Jones
Experience Headphones Review
Friendly staff, love that they offered to let me try a couple pairs to hear the sound quality difference. So grateful - I would've been choked if I'd bought the ones I walked in intending to buy. Thanks!!
Tianna Kee
Experience Headphones Review
The only Vancouver retail shop that focuses on fashion-forward headphones...really looking forward to the opening of this and testing out a few pairs! ❤
Sabrina Diane Fenster
Experience headphones Store
Not only are the staff friendly but they're HUNGRY for customer feedback. They themselves are in the learning process for striving awesome portable sound and are eager for customer input. From the lineup, it is evident that their goal is to change the image of headphones, from a simple tool to take music on the go to an accessory of fashion, WHILE maintaining that brilliant sound quality. 
The 365-day return exchange warranty is also a killer.

Excited to see this store grow!
Taku Yamamoto